Dental implants: zygomatic vs. conventional

Dentistry has experienced significant advances in recent years, especially in the field of dental implants.


Unlike traditional implants, which are inserted in the jawbone, zygomatic implants are placed in the zygomatic or cheekbone.


For what type of patients are they indicated?


They are an option that provides an effective solution for those who have experienced severe bone loss in the upper jaw area and it is NOT possible to place conventional dental implants. These atrophies can be caused by the fact of having worn complete removable prostheses for many years or by past infections that have led to a drastic loss of bone that often lead to confidence problems and poor nutrition.


Benefits of zygomatic implants:


  • Complete oral rehabilitation: zygomatic implants allow the placement of a prosthesis immediately after surgery, i.e. patients leave with teeth from the first day.


  • The postoperative period is much more favorable for the patient because the discomfort after the operation is minimal, thus being able to lead a completely normal daily life.


  • It makes it possible to dispense with bone grafts whose recovery takes several months: this process is performed to place traditional implants when there is not enough bone in the jaw.


  • The zygomatic implants are fixed to the zygomatic bone: once the osseointegration is completed, they remain stable, support the load of the prosthesis and the chewing forces without problems.


Zygomatic implants are an ideal resource for providing a fast and reliable solution for patients with major facial bone problems.

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